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6.4 / 10 Bewertung
  • the shoes fit well around the foot and heel (I have a narrow foot)
  • the On patented Cloudtec system cushions your landing
  • the upper mesh is good quality fabric and did not tear on rocks
  • the upper is a light microfiber air-mesh which enables air intake and cooling
  • they were not as slippery on wet road as I had anticipated
  • the shoes look good and come in nice colors
  • they come with an extra pair of shoe laces. (The original laces stayed well intact but is always nice to have a backup pair)
  • the shoes did not feel as «light» as expected based on the product description and comparing the weight to some other brands these shoes do not come out as the lightest in it’s respective category
  • not a huge amount of lateral support but if you are on stable surfaces like road this should not be a problem
  • the On Cloudsurfer is not for running on technical trails and to be fair to the brand they are not labelled as a trail shoe, but the On website does not specify. The Cloudsurfer are fine on road, grass/dirt, and gravel or easy forest trails (without tree roots which may catch on the ‘clouds‘)
  • On shoes come with a «proprioception-pad» on the insole which is supposed to stimulate the foot and postpone fatigue but I didn’t find anything noticeably different from this
  • they say «engineered in Switzerland», but are made in Vietnam
The On Cloudsurfer is a shoe for trained runners. It is meant to help build up foot stability and increase performance. On’s unique Cloudtec system absorbs impact by cushioning the landing while encouraging a ‘barefoot’ style takeoff. I tested them on road, park (grass/dirt), and non-technical trails. Overall they fit well and were easy to run in, but I did not find they revolutionised my running.


On Cloudsurfer, size 7.5, colour Black & Lime

  • weight : 272 g (260 g in US W 7 says On)
  • available sizes : Women‘s US 6-10 / Men’s US 8-14 – I tested 7.5 and it was representative of my normal size
  • width : Women’s C / Men’s D
  • meel-toe offset : 7mm
  • material – see the Manufacturer’s facts below
  • runner profile : trained runners looking to build up foot stability
  • target speed : 4-5 min/km or 6.4-8 min/mile

Facts from On:

On Cloudsurfer – made to increase performance, to train and to compete.

Equipped with On’s patented CloudTec® system, the Cloudsurfer is light, agile and excellent at transforming running energy into forward momentum, in training runs as well as competitions.

Fast feels good: the adaptive sole balances every step and activates your postural muscles. The Cloudsurfer intelligently combines what conventional running shoes have failed to unite: a cushioned landing and a barefoot takeoff.

  • Shoe Upper: 3D air mesh for air intake and breathability, cooling, and protection; Liner mesh with smart foam adapts to foot for comfort; Intelligent side-stitching secures tongue positioning; Perforated tonge for breathability and padded comfort
  • Midsole: High-grade EVA midsole provides prolonged durability; Dual-layer sock provides optimal comfort for footbed
  • Outsole: CloudTec® rubber compound formula offers low-abrasion durability; Honeycomb slip-pattern provides grip on and off the road
  • Heel: Heel cap reflective for night visibility; Ergonomically designed heel counter complemented by a firm webbing to embrace your heel and provide a perfect fit
  • Information on how Refunds and Quality issues are handled; 14 day time limit and some other conditions which you should check. For problem with On shoes that relate to the manufacture On says: «… we’ll be pleased to provide a replacement pair within the legal warranty period (this warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear.)» – contact Customer Support.
  • Made in Vietnam

Review On Cloudsurfer

I used the On Cloudsurfer shoes on runs ranging from 1 hour to 2.5 hours. I took them on road, grass, and non-technical trails plus a few hike/runs and a lot of walking in towns and airports in between. With the main shoe in black and the shoelaces plus bottom in brightgreen, they drew a lot of attention.

The On Cloudsurfer fit well around the foot both in the heel and in the front, but my feet are more to the narrow side. I run with a slight pronation but normally take a neutral shoe. I originally tried the women’s size 8 and the room in front was nice but overall the shoes were too big, which meant I was not running in a balanced way and broke some of the «clouds»; however with the Women’s size 7.5 they held intact, so I would say it is important to try on the shoes for the right size.

The On Cloudsurfer are an option between a minimalist style shoe like some Inov-8 models and very cushioned like Hoka. My initial impression is that the On Cloudsurfer did not feel as «light and agile» as expected based on the product description. Moving from a more minimal shoe at first they even felt a bit heavy underfoot although I got used to them. They do not have the most lateral support but I have seen softer shoes, so again they seem to be a middle solution, with enough support for road and easy trails.

The On Cloudsurfer are supposed to «transform running energy into forward momentum». I have to admit I am a natural heel striker and this forward motion is something I am trying to work on but when I look at the wear pattern on the shoes, there is more wear on the heel than wear under the forefoot. While the On Cloudsurfer is supposed to help build up foot stability and the adaptive sole balance every step and activate postural muscles, I still think these are areas that need to be trained in terms of running technique rather than expect shoes to do all the work. I didn’t feel injuries niggling when I used them and so no pain is usually a good sign and probably helped by the cushioning of On’s patented Cloudtec system but to truly judge the real effects on postural muscles and foot stability I would need a more scientific examination.

I was pleasantly surprised with the mesh uppers, which are meant to allow air intake but even when I ran in the rain for an hour my feet were not too wet (until I stepped into some swampy terrain). They are showing a few loose threads but in general were quiet resistant when catching on rocks or trees.

I had also heard people say how slippery the On shoes are. I would agree that they are not the most gripping shoes but I did not find them slippery which was good as many of my runs are were on wet ground.

I would not call this a beginner shoe and so overall I would say On have put the Cloudsurfer in the right category of trained runners looking to build up foot stability and increase performance.

On has been leading with this «cloud» concept but adidas just launched (spring 2014) a shoe with «blades» so it will be interesting to see if this floating on air concept is the way forward.


On Cloudsurfer of Switzerland available for 149.95 € or 250 CHF or 139.99 $.

You can buy them online, direct from On. Free Delivery in 2 working days. Or at a Shop.

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