Everything in Compressport is about passion … Passion in training, Passion for extreme races, Passion to push the limits. Passion goes along with deep respect for YOU, professional athletes that lead the way in performance and age group athletes who are out there every day juggling between their family & work commitments and their passion for sport. Passion for the quest of the perfect product … Always looking for more improvement, more preciseness, more exclusivity. Since the launch of the first R2 calf sleeves in 2008, Compressport works everyday for this consuming passion that Compressport has become. Their goal has always been to become the reference product without ever compromising our identity and quality. The response and feedback they’ve received so far shows, they are going in the right direction. Who would have believed it: It has only been three years and the brand is already in more than 70 countries. Five World Championship titles. Compressport thanks those amazing athletes for their trust and we are proud to be part of their story. And the passion continues every day with more and more extreme techno-fashion products. There is no room for futile accessories, everything is imagined, calculated and developed to enhance performance. All products from Compressport are 100 % European made (R&D, fibres, knitting, assembly, dying, testing, …). Compressport products are tested in the toughest conditions they can find (Abu Dhabi, Hawaii, Mont Blanc, Sahara Desert…) which is where the toughest races in the world take place. Coming from a medical research background and specialist in sports compression, their range of products is like no other. Combining the highest technologies with the latest trends, Compressports aim is to always innovate and surprise our athletes. Compressport responds to the problems that athletes face daily. Whether to improve performance, enhance recovery or to help them travel in the best possible conditions. Compressport contributes to improve the overall well-being of the athletes in their everyday life. Compressport has over 500 professional athletes endorsing and using their products on a daily basis. Current and past world champions wear Compressport® products. Before being released, all their products are tested by all those top level athletes who give us their insights and feedback. This ensures our products meet exactly the needs of the athletes. During the development of a product, every aspect is examined in details. Compressport studies the morphology of athletes, tests hundreds of different yarns and fabrics, works on seamless constructions to maximise the efficiency and lifetime of the product, tests the compression rates during the production phase. Compressports aim is always to provide you with 100 % satisfaction and this is why they offer a 2 year warranty on Compression products. Compressport®, a high-end quality product with a medical background. They are proud to be a 100 % Swiss company with 100 % European made products: Compressport products are designed and developed in Europe. The machines Compressport uses are 100 % European made. The yarns/dyes used are 100 % European. All Compressport products use fabrics and yarns that meet the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100: Independent controls on harmful textile substances to make sure the products do not pose any health risk. Compressport products are born from the collaboration between doctors, athletes and manufacturers specializing in medical compression. Compressport uses the Salzmann group in Switzerland for the measurement and validation of compression classes on all our products. The Salzmann test apparatus is internationally recognized as the unit leader and technically the most accurate for measuring compression.



Test Compressport Pro Racing Trail-Running Shirt

Test Compressport Pro Racing Trail-Running Shirt Das Compressport Pro Racing Trail-Running Shirt ist ein hochfunktionales Kompressionsshirt mit vielen cleveren Features und hohem Tragekomfort. Ich-liebe-Ausrüstung-Bewertung 8.1 Punkte Pro viele durchdachte Funktionen angenehm zu tragen guter Feuchtigkeitsabtransport und Belüftung sehr leicht ausreichende Länge sorgt für gutes Gefühl auch um die Hüfte Gummi-Inlets verhindern Verrutschen Contra keine (Rücken-)Tasche …

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Test Compressport Pro Racing Trail-Running Short

Test Compressport Pro Racing Trail-Running Short Die Compressport Pro Racing Trail-Running Short ist eine speziell für Trail-Running konzipierte Kompressionsshort mit hoher Funktionalität und grossem Tragekomfort. Ich-liebe-Ausrüstung-Bewertung 8.2 Punkte Pro angenehm zu tragen guter Feuchtigkeitsabtransport und Belüftung sehr leicht praktische Rückentasche hoher Abschluss am Bund Spezialbeschichtung zum Abstützen am Oberschenkel Contra schwer anzuziehen nicht ganz blickdicht …

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Test Compressport

Test Compressport Hoher Tragekomfort mit guter Druckverteilung und Passform. Stimuliert Durchblutung der Muskulatur. Gute Qualität der Beinlinge (der Hersteller verspricht Reissfestigkeit). Mässige Qualität der Socken, eingearbeitete Massagepunkte gehen rasch kaputt, Maschen lösen sich. Die Kompressions-Produkte sollten per Handwäsche gereinigt werden. Ich-liebe-Ausrüstung-Bewertung 7.5 Punkte Es wurden mehrere Produkte getestet: Trail Proracing Socks 3S.DOT Pro Die Socken sitzen passgenau und angenehm …

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