Unbekannte Marke Tulson Tolf


Tulson Tolf hat es sich zur Mission gemacht den Klettermarkt mit innovativen und nachhaltigen Produkten zu revolutionieren. Ihre Produkte werden in Europa hergestellt und von Sportgrössen wie Kilian Jornet benutzt. Wir wollten es genau wissen und haben bei Tulson Tolf nachgefragt.. Das Interview erscheint im Original – in englischer Sprache.

Unbekannte Marke Tulson Tolf

How did you come up with the idea to create Tulson Tolf?

Tulson Tolf is based on the future on climbing. The future is inevitable. Today is the future of yesterday. Tomorrow is our new future.

Tulson Tolf is reinventing verticality and the way we approach to it. Products could only be sustainable, non-animal skins on it etc. Cruelty free as we like to call. Products should have the same designs and chance for women and men, we are the only brand designing the same models adapted to women and men feet. Alpinism could only be achieving as alpine running, climbing on the rocks could only be oriented as climbing running, at the gym, you need yoga climb or many different activities to be able to achieve your goals.

If you want to do a hard climbing route, today you need to think in the future. You need to go light, to be trained and prepared, and you have to wear the most technical gear specifically to that route, moment, weather, … that will make the difference. The times of only having a climbing shoe for everything is definitely past. It doesn’t work anymore if you want to do great things and to be healthy on your feet.

Tulson Tolf brings to the huge community of climber lovers the products of their dreams to feel light, to be free on the rocks, and to move being themselves with the most intelligent products created for their moment purpose. The are many activities and new markets that we observed there was a real need.

From the most inspiring Kilian Jornet needing a climbing shoe light to fold up like STEP 1 in his pocket to be able to keep running in verticality while he is on the mountains, to Jordi Tosas using for the first time in history an invernal climbing shoe, Qubit Invernal, at the Himalayas opening a new route at almost 7.000 mtrs altitude, keeping his feet warm, cozy and comfortable, to the most amazing city gyms in London that needed our yoga climb and comfortable climbing shoes for executive to train after their work.

Everybody should be able to try climbing, to enjoy it, to explore. And alpinism is changing, because the high level is highest than ever and will be science fiction very soon if we could see it in a crystal ball. Tulson Tolf is more than leading it. Its opening footprint. The best is yet to come.

What does the name mean?

Tulson Tolf are two European names with a global alpine history. The two TT are actually the two piolets components of the logo. It´s rebel, its indomitable, its free.

Who is behind the company / brand? How did you finance the start?

The brand is a result of some whole lives in alpinism, and many climbers. Actually, all the main members of the brand climb. Some are more alpinists, others are more sport climbing, others more runners that do climbing running, but is really beautiful and fun because the brand is very organic.

On the other hand, as a company, we are the result of some oldest lives dedicated to the shoe manufacturing, chemical, design, together with the youngest team that brings up the most amazing ideas, designs, and many news to come! It’s truly unique and amazing. From that mix was born something important and inimitable

What you are most proud of?

Being the products on the rocks, at the gym, at the Himalayas, Patagonia … by our clients. We feel proud of them! … more than proud of us. We love and respect our clients more than anything else. We work for them, and together, we are creating a new future. More clean, light, and free. We would say responsible.

And we feel companions with our clients. We speak with them; we love keeping in touch with them. We have the best clients we could ever imagine. This is also the future. A brand that really takes cares and listen and have that feeling of “we are all together creating something extraordinary”. We repeat it all the time on our internal meetings. The feedback is the best gift we have every day.

What is your vision for the future? Or the next products?

Future is now. It’s time for all of us to recreate the way we approach to the mountains being more self-efficient, more intelligent, well trained, and really enjoy every second on the verticality. Rock climbing or other climbing modalities will be as already is being part of the gyms, at the schools, humans started climbing, and we feel and see this is the future. Our nature. Our need to explore and to be free.

Where can I get products from Tulson Tolf currently?

Tulson Tolf is available all around Europe and US, and new markets to came very soon. And of course online, that is an inevitable future. Very clean, fast, and easy. At home with your pajamas, more and more clients everyday buy on our website www.tulsontolf.com. They choose, again, with freedom. They talk with us, we help them with sizes, products, … and they feel in the future.

Where do you produce?

Tulson Tolf is a European brand. The materials, designs, even Research and Development, are all around Europe. The manufacturing is from the best hands in Spain, winter materials are from the best factories in Switzerland, the best rubber from Italy the best testing in the Alps and for Invernals in Sweden and Norway ,…  the best of the best creates Tulson Tolf.

What about environmental and social standards?

Tulson Tolf is the most conscious brand in this market. We don’t produce with animal skins, and all our chemical products and process are the best available today, plus, we are creating new better ways to do everything even better every moment. We don’t use plastics for example. Even in the internal factories, teams, … Colors come from natural resides and pigments, organic cottons, … This is the future.

For everybody, but for us mountain lovers who can see through the years how the glaciers are drying, how everything is changing and not for better, we needed a clean brand like Tulson Tolf. We also take care of our internal people. Most of the brands, the absolute majority, they did everything in Asia. We do it here. The costs are higher, but we have the best minds, the best hands, the cleanest materials, and we make sure that our workers are happy and with all their guaranteed rights preserved. This is as important for us as the environment.

Forschung an nachhatigem Leim

You use the gear yourself. So which tour do you plan to do next?

We love going together to the walls after work, even some creative meetings we love doing it at the mountains and of course we do it with our products. It’s the magic of time. Future is now passing through this interview … we love as brand hand by hand with our clients leading the future and walking at the first line. A free future, a clean future, a fast future, a transversal future, an ethical future, … this is the future that we create every second.

Thanks for the interview.

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