Video Risk – The Anatomy of Chance and Uncertainty

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Ein Beitrag zur Lawinenkunde von Oktober 2013 von Grant Statham auf der TEDxCanmore zum Thema “Risk: The Anatomy of Chance and Uncertainty”.

In englischer Sprache.

Talk Overview

Every day, every one of us make choices and decisions in the face of uncertainty. Guided by a blend of intuition and logic, we spend a large part of our lives navigating the murky waters of chance. This is the space between 0 and 1; this is risk, and we confront it daily. But how many of us really understand the underlying constructs of risk? What is risk, and how do we break it down to better understand the decisions we face? How does probability, consequence, exposure and vulnerability play out in the choices we make and they impacts they have? In this captivating presentation, Grant Statham takes us on a journey into the heart of risk by weaving stories, ideas and concepts together with stunning images from a lifetime spent in high places.

Speaker Profile

Grant Statham is an alpinist, avalanche expert and internationally certified mountain guide. For over 27 years, Grant has climbed and skied through the biggest mountains in the world, with many pioneering first ascents to his credit. In 2003, following a devastating avalanche that claimed the lives of seven high school students, Grant was hired by Parks Canada to design and implement sweeping changes to Canada’s systems of public avalanche safety. Over the next decade, Grant’s study of risk theory changed an entire industry and produced numerous groundbreaking methods that today have been implement around the world. Grant has been recognized with a number of awards for innovative and collaborative work, including the 2005 Public Service Award of Excellence. He speaks regularly to groups on the topics of risk, decision making and public communication.


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